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Swedish Parachute hunters Badge


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Swedish Airbase Hunters badge

Education Brand.
Mint condition rare.
Airbase Hunters (GA927) is an office within the Department of Defense.

Airbase Hunters and the airbase hunters platoon's main tasks is to gather information through search and rescue DISTRESSED own staff and to prevent, combat and neutralize security threats against the air force.
 Airbase Hunters squads operating in all environments across the country. They work independently for a long time and occurs over large areas at great distances from their
units or their direction. Airbase Hunters platoon works extensively long time individually
over large areas.

This requires great physical and mental demands on all of the patrol. Training conducted
at F 17 - Blekinge air in Ronneby, previously at F 7 Såtenäs. Patrol uses dogs as an
important part of their activities in the tracking and tracing of the enemy.

Airbase hunters are characterized by a green Basques with a gold emblem representing
lynx head. This emblem is obtained after the Basques test, field Basques are replaced with
the green Basques.



Very nice and unusual Basques noticed Swedish ATTACK-DIVER! This label should not be confused with coastal-hunters fork, which is relatively common!

Attack Divers is a highly reconnaissance units which mainly carries out intelligence
missions but is also qualified to solve the offensive information. Attack Divers are part of
the Navy and amphibian Corps. The training is physically and mentally very exhausting,
which makes considerable demands on the individual. Attack Divers are conscripts, but voluntary. It educates about 4-12 pc attack divers during a three-year period.
750.00 SEK 600.00 SEK