50th Anniversary of the Ukrainian KGB badge.

This badge was issued in 1968 for the 50th Anniversary of the KGB of the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic. (For details on the Union-Republic structure of the KGB see the KGB Organization page.) This badge is of an inferior quality to most badges. However, it has been seen being worn by KGB officers in a book on the Ukrainian KGB.

This pin-back badge is made of gold-coloured aluminium and is very light. The badge is in the form of a 5-pointed star and is 42mm high x 44mm across the arms. The badge is slightly convex in shape. The reverse of the badge is flat and featureless except for the two raised "lips" which hold the small (13mm long) horizontally mounted, steel pin. There is no maker's mark on the badge.

At least two version have been seen. Version one is made of thin (1mm) gold-coloured aluminium and has a very light black enamel wash over the front of the badge. Version two is a bit thicker, is darker coloured (more bronze-gold) and has a heavier black wash on it.

The obverse of the badge has a very interesting pattern; the star is formed from five sword & shield shapes! Each arm of the star is actually the lower half of a standard KGB sword & shield design complete with sword blade, riveted shield rim and horizontally striped shield background. In addition, between each of the star arms is a small round extension which is the tip of the sword handle of the design of the opposite star arm.

The centre of the badge is an upside-down pentagon. There are two heads, in profile, looking to the (badge) left. The top head is wearing a cloth "shelm" cap (often called the "budyenovka") with a large star on the front. The ear flap of the hat is turned down. The lower head is wearing a "furazhka" peaked hat with a regular officer's service oval cockade. Both faces have "heroic" chiselled features typical of the "socialist-realism" school of art. Along the lower edge of the pentagon is inscribed "VU 50 ChK" for 50th anniversary of the all-Ukrainian Cheka. The "50" is filled with high quality cold enamel. The entire obverse of the badge is coated in a black-grey cold enamel wash giving it a glossy appearance.