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Yugoslavian medals


Order of National Merit (Orden Zasluge za Narod), III class, screw back, numbered, by IKOM of Zagreb

Very rare with miniature

Circular silver and silver-gilt rayed order; the face with a five-pointed silver-gilt star with long and short doubly bifurcated radiant rays between the arms, the full length silver figure of a soldier centrally, a rifle over his right shoulder, a standard in his left hand; the reverse plain, marked ‘III’ and with maker’s mark and silver hallmark, numbered ‘114162’; diameter 41.15mm (1.62 inches); with 18mm backplate marked ‘IKOM ZAGREB’. The Order of National Merit was instituted on 12 June 1945 in three classes by the A.V.N.O.J. (Antifašističko Vijeće Narodnog Oslobođenja Jugoslavije = Anti-Fascist Council of National Liberation of Yugoslavia), de facto government of Yugoslavia at the end of World War II, to be awarded to those who distinguished themselves in the struggle for liberation and for merit in securing and organising the Yugoslav government and army. A decree of 1955 extended its award for achievement in the economic, cultural and social spheres. The first examples of the Order were produced by ZIN-KOVNICA of Belgrade with screwback, then by IKOM of Zagreb with screwback, as in this example. Later examples are pinback and with the star in silver rather than silver-gilt and the soldier in gilt rather than silver. A very good, relatively early example.

600.00 SEK


Order for Bravery (Orden za Hrabrost)

Circular gilt metal order with five-pointed star and loop for ribbon suspension; the face with a laurel branch and crossed rifle, scythe, axe and spear imposed on a banner, inscribed above ‘SMRT FAŠIZMU’ (Death to Fascism) and ‘SLOBODA NARODNU’ (national freedom) below; the reverse plain, numbered ‘131559’; on original tattered ribbon and pentagonal hanger mounted for wear. The Order was instituted on 15 August 1943, and revised in 1945, to be awarded to both partisans and civilians for exceptional bravery in battle. The Order was cancelled in 1991.
This is a very high Yugoslavian award and very prestigious,  released under the communist time    

 250.00 SEK


Yugoslavian best  badge


100.00 SEK